How to Curl Your Eyelashes -From Novice to Expert!


how-to-curl-eyelashes2 ways to curl your eyelashes like a pro 

Clueless on how to curl your eye lashes? Every makeup artist will tell you that to never ever skip the eyelash curler. Why is that? Well-defined curls and extra-long lashes makes your eyes look bigger and more charming. For that, here are the steps on how to curl your eye lashes using make up tools.

Method 1  How to curl your eyelashes with eyelash curler

There’s enormous power with this beauty tool. It’s simple to use but can give sleepy eyes that extra charm boost. We know it looks scary to use, but truth is, it doesn’t hurt as long as you do it right. It feels weird the first time, but once you get used to it, you’ll find that it’s really an indispensable part of your beauty and makeup routine. With the right techniques, say hello to beautiful eye lashes!

  • Always start with clean lashes, no mascara on it. Keep your eyes opened, and try your best to keep it steady. We don’t want any lashes off you! But don’t be scared, just relax and you can do this!
  • Open the eyelash curler and keep your upper lashes in between. Position the rubber pads of the curler as close to your eyelids, but not on the skin itself. This will create an illusion of long perm lashes.
  • Gently clamp together the eyelash curler pads on your lashes. Hold it for 5-10 seconds. Be careful not to pinch your eyelids.

Not all eyelash curlers are wide enough to curl your entire lashes with one press. The standard direction is you start on your inner lashes, and work the curler part by part to the outer lash line. Also, here are some tips to improve your skills with the eyelash curler:

  • Double it with mascara! You can apply mascara while curling your lashes with the eyelash curler. This takes some steady hand skills as you’ll be using both, but this technique keeps the lashes curled longer. While you’re pressing your lashes and holding the curler in place, apply mascara on the lashes. After removing the curler, reinforce your lashes with another coat at the base of your lashline.

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  • Heat the pads area of the eyelash curler with a blow dryer. Ready to flirt with camel lashes? This mimics the method used in eyelash perming and your lashes will hold the curl longer. In fact, there’s a heated eyelash curler for this.
  • Try a different eyelash curler angle for bigger curls. Lightly clamp halfway to your lashes and turn the curler angle up, almost parallel to the ground.

Method 2 – How to curl your eye lashes with mascara

Mascara does a beautiful job in extending, darkening and thickening eyelashes. Even without other makeup on your face, it enhances your eyes. Even more, partner it with your eyelash curler, and they’re an indispensable set on your makeup kit.

  • Use a curled mascara wand to lift up straight lashes. It gives your eyelashes a gentle curl. When pulling out the wand out of the mascara bottle, wipe off excess mascara to avoid clumps on your lashes. You can use a tissue for this. To apply the mascara, the curve of the wand should face outwards, as if it’s scooping your lashes up. Swipe up, lifting your lashes with each coat.
  • For voluminous lashes, apply thicker coat at the base of your lash line. At first application, the lashes can look like it’s weighed down. Strengthen the curl by applying a thicker coat at the base. To do this, wriggle gently the wand back and forth at the base of the lash-line.
  • Use a curled mascara wand or spoon for lower eyelashes. How to curl your lower lash-line with mascara? Applying mascara on lower eyelashes can be troublesome! There can be smudges everywhere but there is a solution to this – use a teaspoon/spoon! Place the spoon underneath your lower eyelashes with curve outwards, protecting the skin below. Apply thin coats of mascara on your lower lashes.

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Are there other ways on how to curl your eye lashes without using mascara or eyelash curler? When quick beauty touch-up calls, here’s where you can extend your resourcefulness:

  • Use the Spoon TrickUse teaspoon for better control and comfort. Place the spoon under your lash line with the curve facing outward, and then use your finger to press on your lashes.

If you can’t find a spoon, any object with curved surface that fits the area comfortably will do(ex. blunt end of your eyeliner pen). Be careful not to poke your eyes, or to press too hard on your lashes and pull out.

  • Use Your Fingers – Rub your hands together or warm your fingertips by running them for a moment with warm water (not too hot), or rub your hands. Curl your lashes with your finger by pressing on them. The slight heat with help retain the curves.


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