How to Apply Mascara like a Pro


Tips to apply mascaraHow to put mascara perfectly?

There is nothing more gorgeous than long, thick, beautiful eyelashes, and most of us wish we could have lashes like the models that grace the pages of glossy fashion magazines. But the majority of these models that we dote over aren’t born with them – they simply know how to apply mascara in an expert way that make them look longer, fuller, thicker and more luscious. Finding the perfect formula for ultra-long lashes depends on a number of factors, ranging from the type of mascara you use to how you apply it. We share some expert tips with you on how to apply mascara like a pro to get incredible supermodel-like lashes and have you red-carpet ready!

Choosing the right mascara  

The very first step in using mascara is to select the right product and to do this you need to decide what you want out of your mascara. There is a plethora of mascara brands and types on the market today, from volumizing, curling, defining and lengthening to mascaras that aid eyelash growth and waterproof mascaras for swimming and beachwear. Once you have decided what effect you want your eyelashes to have, it is easier to choose the type and brand.

1. Sparse lashes  Sparse eyelashes need a volumizing or thickening mascara with a large, round brush and lots of bristles that will help plump out the eyelashes and make them look fuller.

Expert tip! To get the best look, use a mascara primer before applying your mascara, which helps to bulk and thicken the eyelashes and keep them healthy.

2. Short lashes  Short lashes need a mascara with a smaller brush and thick bristles that will create the illusion of lengthening the lashes. A small brush and wand enable you to get very close to the base of the eyelashes and coat each hair with mascara.

3. Long lashes Even if you have long eyelashes, you might want to add some definition and length, so choose lengthening mascara with a long brush and evenly spaced bristles in order to separate your lashes perfectly.

Expert tip! If you want to curl your lashes, not matter the length or thickness, go for mascara with a curved brush.

Applying the mascara

1. Curl first – Before applying your mascara, it is a good idea to curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. This will create an illusion of longer, thicker lashes without any mascara, so when the mascara is applied you will create an effect of double thickening and fullness.  Remember to only curl the eyelashes at the base or the tips and not in the middle – as this can make them too curly. Read this article to know more about HOW TO CURL your eye lashes from novice to expert.

Expert tip! If your lashes are damaged or uneven in length, choose a mascara with Phyto-keratin and panthenol, which help your lashes grow.

2. Apply to upper lashes first- Remove the wand from the tube by twisting it gently until it is out. Don’t pump it like most people do, as this allows air to get into the tube, and your mascara will dry out quickly. Once the brush is coated with mascara, begin at the base of your upper lashes and gently sweep the mascara wand upwards in a smooth, sweeping motion. Repeat this a few times, according to how mascara you would like to apply. You can also place the wand at the base of the lashes and wiggle it from side to side – this ensures that every lash gets a good coating of mascara.

Expert tip! For a natural, everyday look, find mascara with a rubber brush and evenly spaced bristles.

3. Then apply to lower lashes – When applying mascara to the lower lashes, place a teaspoon or a tissue beneath your lashes to ensure that the mascara does not go on your skin. Then implement the mascara as you did with your upper lashes – beginning at the base of the lashes and sweeping downwards. Do not apply as many coats to the lower lashes as the upper lashes, as you run the risk looking ‘clownish’. Always apply more mascara to the upper lashes. If by chance some mascara ends up on the skin below the eye, just wipe off with a damp tissue or some makeup remover (if it is waterproof mascara). Learn the EXPERT HACKS to master the art of applying mascara to your lower eye lashes.

Expert tip! You should only use mascara for three months before replacing it to keep your eyelashes clean and healthy. 


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