How to Put Eyeshadow Perfectly : A step by step tutorial


The best way to apply eye shadow without any mistake

Applying eye shadow is always an easy task; it’s just that you need to understand some basic tips like how to blend colors using right brush and speed. To make you understand better, we have explained everything step by step so that you don’t have to go anywhere else. Let’s start with brushes first. There are 4 different kinds of brushes available in the market that are must to have in your makeup box.

  • Stiff Flat Brush: The stiff flat brush is mainly used to put eyeshadow over your entire eyelid. Sometime we also use flat stiff brush to apply eyesshadow under lower lash-line.
  • Pencil Brush: Due to its sharp tip, they are very effective to draw fine lines or to get smokey effect. They are ideal to intensify colors in your crease or outer area.
  • Stiff Dome Brush: Stiff dome brushes are available in many different sizes. A small brush is perfect for small eyes, whereas a larger brush is ideal to blend colors around crease and outer area.
  • Soft Dome Brush: As the name indicates, soft dome brush has very soft bristles, which is perfect to give a delicate blend effect. The best use of a soft dome brush is to blend out harsh lines and colors around your upper eye area.

How to choose a right color for your eyes

Blue eyes: Perfect match for blue eyes is brown, gray, purple and pink shades.

Green eyes: Shades like maroon; peach, burgundy and wine color looks great on green eyes. Brown is also a good option to make green color eyes stand out.

Brown eyes: People with brown eyes are lucky as they can put on any color of eye shadow. You can match the color of eye shadow with your outfit, jewelry or other accessories.

Some useful tips to keep in mind before applying eye shadow

Always remember that using a right brush at right speed can make eyeshadow process easy and smooth. Here are some important tips to keep in mind:

  • When applying primer or neutral color over your eyelid, make sure you always pat the brush, instead of brushing it across. This will ensure that primer stick to your eyelid perfectly and gives you a solid base.
  • Make sure that speed of the brush should always be slow and in one direction instead of rushing it back and forth. This will give you more fine and clean look.
  • Always remove excess of color from the brush to get a fine look.

Step by step procedure to apply eye shadow perfectly

Step 1: Apply primer first:-
  • Always put on your regular makeup (like foundation, concealer and blush) first before moving to eye shadow.
  • Put some primer to get a long lasting effect. Primer helps to keep your eye shadow in place by absorbing any kind of oil or grease on the surface.
  • You can also use your finger tip or a flat tip brush to do so.
Step 2: Put on a neutral color thereafter:-
  • You will find several shades of eye shadow color in your palettes. But to start with always go for a neutral or a light color.
  • Use a medium size brush to smear this shade over your eyelid up to the crease area.
  • For a night out party use a bit of shimmer to add more dramatic effect.

Reason to put neutral color: The neutral color helps to hide any skin discoloration and gives you an excellent base for your rest of eye makeup.

Step 3: Apply a darker shade to your crease area:-
  • Use your dome brush to blend a darker shade into your crease area starting from the inside and moving towards outer area.
  • Go for colors like browns, black and dark purple etc. to get a perfect look.
  • Now use your other soft dome brush to blend the color nicely. Keep the shadow of darker color near to your eyelid and that of lighter color towards brow bone.
  • You can also draw a thin line, growing thicker as it moves towards outer crease area (as highlighted in above picture).
Step 4: Put a highlighter:-
  • If you are of an opinion that your eyes need more vibrant look, add another layer of lighter shade just above your crease area. Make sure this color doesn’t enter the brow brow-line.
  • The entire process of putting eye shadow works like a rainbow. Putting lighter shade on eyelid first, moving to darker on crease and lighter again on brow area.

Extra Tip: Always apply eyeliner & mascara in the last, so that you don’t mess up with your regular makeup. 

Different variations to try with eye shadow

  • Go neutral look: For a ‘formal occasion’, apply only one color of eye shadow starting from your eyelid to brow area. Go for shades like light brown, light purple or light maroon.
  • Two colors look: During day time go for a ‘two color eye shadow look’. Smear lighter color onto your brow area and corners of your eye. Apply darker shade on your crease and eyelid to complete the perfect look.
  • Three colors look: As the name indicates, three colors eye shadow can be worn by applying lighter shade on your eyelid, a darker shade on crease and again a lighter color on brow bone. This look is perfect for a date or dinner with your loved ones.