Mastering the Art on How to Apply Mascara to Lower Eye Lashes


Mascara-tips for Bottom EyelashesHow to master lower eye lash mascara?

Here’s how to apply mascara to lower eye lashes – without smudging it! Many makeup artists and beauty blogs say that you’ll look overdone if you put mascara on your bottom lashes. Besides that, one wrong move can give you racoon or spider eyes, and if you’re not used to it, either you’ll smear or smudge it on your skin. But it’s making a comeback! Celebrities are donning big beautiful eyes with long defined lasheson both upper and lower lashes.Wearing mascara on top and bottom eye lashes can help highlight and open up your eyes, making it look bigger, more flattering and glamorous!

Steps to apply mascara to lower lashes:-

The main issue why many avoid applying mascara at the bottom lashes is that it can get messy. Applying mascara on top eyelashes is easy because of the ample space and lash volume. But for the bottom eyelashes, you need to be very careful and precise to avoid clumping and smearing mascara product all over your eye area and cheeks.

What’s the solution to this? Behind all make-up anxieties and reservations, it’s not impossible to do. To make it easier and mess-free even for beginners, you’ll need some tissue paper, a small tip mascara wand or tiny fan brush, and then practice the steps below on how to apply mascara on lower eye lashes.

1. Make sure that your eyelids and eye area are clean. Just like any other initial step when applying makeup, start with a cleanand moisturized face.

2. Dip thin coat of mascara product with the mascara wand. When you dip the mascara wand into the bottle and pull it out, you need to remove the excess mascara product. Too much mascara on the brush will cause clumping and flaking. To remove the excess, pat or brush the wand on tissue paper.

3. Use a clean tissue paper, or a thin wedge-shaped makeup sponge to protect the skin underneath the lashes. Fold the tissue into two and place the folded edge under your bottom eye lashes near the outer waterline. Hold it in place gently with your less dominant hand. This will allow you to apply the primer and mascara with your other hand, without smearing any makeup on your skin.

4. Start with the mascara primer. This will thicken your bottom eyelashes, and add more length and volume. With the tissue paper in between your eye lashes and skin, apply clear mascara or white primer on your lower eyelashes. White mascara primer will help intensify the black or coloredmascara pigments.

5. Move the tissue towards the inner water line. To get fuller volume on your eyelashes, don’t forget your eyelashes on the inner waterline (near the nose bridge). Apply the lash primer there as well.

6. Apply your regular mascara. With the tissue or wedge sponge still underneath the bottom lashes, apply your regular mascara. If you have a small flat fan makeup brush, use this to apply the mascara. Run the brush tip on the mascara brush and then apply it on your bottom lashes.   For a more natural and not too black-and-bold look around the eyes, use softer tone other than black,for example deep brown-colored mascara.

7. Cover the inner lower lashes with mascara. Similar to step 5, move the tissue to the inner waterline, to apply mascara at the shorter inner lashes. Let it dry for couple seconds.

8. Use a small tip mascara applicator to apply mascara underneath to add more curl. The small tip will give you more control to apply mascara on each lash. Remove the tissue underneath for more working space underneath the lashes. Position the mascara applicator vertically and apply a light coat underneath the surface of your bottom lashes. You can also use a teaspoon, put it underneath the lower lashes near the water line, with the curve facing outward. Apply mascara on the lashes and it will follow the curve of the spoon.

9. Use a fine mascara comb for more defined lashes. This will help separate the lashes and remove any clumps of mascara.

10. Lastly, apply waterproof mascara. If you have a separate waterproof mascara, apply it over regular mascara to make smudge-free and last longer for the day.

Tips and hacks from pro make-up artists:-

1. Pair mascaras! To avoid looking too bold or spidery, use mascara with softer color for the bottom lashes, for example, dark brown mascara.

2. For thin lower eye lashes, you can use lash primer – It can be clear or white mascara that’s used build length and volume on your lashes without any color on it. It will apply more surface area for your mascara to stick on. Apply the mascara primer first, distributing it on each lash. After that, follow the same steps mentioned above on applying your mascara.

3. Use lash powder You can use lash extenders or lash powder as a primer too.

4. For added fullness, you can add some lash extensions – This involves gluing individual lashes and lasts for about two weeks with proper care. If you’re not familiar with this, check with your local salon for eyelash extension services.

5. Amplify volume Use defining mascara first, followed by voluminous mascara.

6. Use waterproof mascara on the last coat Make your mascara last longer for the day by applying waterproof mascara over your regular mascara product.

7. Master mascara brush technique! For natural finish on your lower lashes, hold your mascara brush vertically and carefully apply the product on each strand

8. Clumpy bottle of mascara? No problem. Before your use it, drop it on a glass of hot water and leave it for couple minutes. Just make sure it’s sealed shut to avoid water seeping into your mascara bottle.

9. Use fine or baby powder to add volume Dust some make-up or baby powder on the first mascara coat. Then apply second coat of mascara for extra amped volume.

10. Use tiny mascara brush – The small brush tip will let you go right in between lashes, avoiding clumping. You can also use a small fan makeup brush when applying, with the tissue paper underneath the lashes to avoid smearing on skin.

There you go! Face off your mascara fears and try these steps. Remember that the trick to mess-free mascara application on bottom eyelashes is that little piece of tissue. You can also use soft paper sheet or handkerchief to protect the skin underneath the lashes from mascara stains.