10 Tips on How to Make Small Eyes Look Bigger and Attractive


how to make your eyes look bigger and attractive with makeupHow to make your eyes look bigger and attractive

Want to know how to make small eyes look bigger? Celebrities everywhere are showing off thicker eyebrows, bold makeup and now – bigger eyes. Why is that a trend? Because most people consider the eyes as the most beautiful part of the face to look at. It’s also easier to attract attention from anyone with bold beautiful eyes. It makes the face more gorgeous, charming and sometimes more enchanting, even for those who don’t like too much color and makeup.

How big do you want it to be? Do you want it look like cat eyes, doe or doll-like eyes? There’s also a trend in women wanting to look like the girls in Japanese Manga with big wide eyes. If you’re not genetically gifted with big eyes like Anne Hathaway and Zooey Deschanel, we’ve gathered a list on how to make small eyes look bigger.

Makeup Techniques For Bigger Eyes

Sometimes it only takes some makeup and color to make your facial features pop out. On how to make your eyes bigger, you’ll need some of the makeup you typically use everyday, and just try a different technique!

1. Lighten dark circles- Invest on a good concealer that matches your fair skin color. If possible choose a concealer that’s a degree lighter than your facial skin tone and one that works as a skin whitener as well, to reduce discoloration or dark spots. You need the area around your eye to be lighter or illuminated so that it’ll focus the attention to your eyes. Blend the concealer around your eyes, and contour lightly.

Extra Tip: Learn the smart ways to HIDE your under eye DARK CIRCLES with makeup easily.

2. Double the mascara!- Not a master of eyeliner yet? Going for a more natural look but want bigger eyes? Lengthen your lashes with mascara and flirt with it. If it’s not yet that sultry at first application, double your mascara and amplify the volume! Let it thicken your eyelashes from roots to tips, and use a fine mascara comb to remove clumps. How to fix most common MASCARA MISTAKES.

3. Define eyes with black eyeliner – Use liquid eyeliner to draw tight lines on your eyelids. It also helps frame your eyes, drawing attention to it. Use a tiny felt tipped brush and trace your upper lid, and then put a tiny flick at the outer ends to create an extended wider look. Avoid thick eyeliner at the bottom eyelids, it might give you racoon eyes instead of the big eyes we’re trying to achieve. A step by step tutorial to APPLY EYELINER perfectly.

4. Use white eyeliner at the waterline- Ever wonder why anyone would ever need white eyeliner? We’re so used to putting eyeliner and eyeshadow on both top and bottom rims of our eyelids to define our eyes for that smokey look, but here’s one technique you should try. Skip the black or dark colored eyeliner at the waterline. This is the outer rim of your lower eyelid area. Instead, apply light, nude eyeshadow or white eyeliner at this part. This step may look minute and has no effect, but it creates an amazing illusion of bigger eyes.

5. Use white shimmer or light eyeshadow at the inner rim – Apply white or light shimmering eyeshadow on the area near the tear ducts, and skip the black eyeliner for the inner lower rim. This makes your eyes look more open.

6. Apply cat-eyeline or whale-shaped eyeliner tip – For that big doe eyes like Audrey Hepburn’s in the 50’s, use the cat-eye or whale-shape technique for black eyeliner on the upper lid. This is also a very effective makeup technique to make eyes look bigger for Asians with hooded eyes.

7. Go for nude or light eyeshadow colors- Remember, dark eyeshadows around the eyes create the smoky smoldering look. But for your eyes to look bigger and doe like, use light or nude eyeshadow when blending.

8. Curl your lashes- Is there an easy way on how to make your eyes look bigger without makeup? Ask many makeup pros and they will tell you to “never skip the eyelash curler”. It only takes couple seconds and curling your lashes is an easy way to makes your eyes look more open or wider.

9. Go for bold thick eyebrows! – Take a look at Audrey Hepburn’s photos. She has well defined thick eyebrows and they’re gorgeuos! Same with Cara Delevingne, bold eyebrows definitely make the eyes look bigger. So skip the thin bows and use your dark brown or black liner.

10. Use big eyes contact lenses for that doll-eyed effect- A popular trend among girls who are anime fans, these contact lenses have larger diameter than normal ones, and has thicker and darker outer rim. You can also choose from different iris colors like blue, green, brown, violet, pink or grey. Please consult your doctor or ophthalmologist before you try one for advice on how to use them and how to take care of your eyes. Keep these contact lenses disinfected when stored. Wash your hands first and don’t put lotion before handling. Always put contact lenses first when applying makeup, as this will avoid transfer of any oils, or makeup powder on the lens.

Go ahead, try these tips on how to make small eyes look bigger. You might notice the effect it has on people around you when you have bigger and beautiful eye makeup.