10 Best Hairstyles for Women Over 30 With Curly Hair


Best Haircuts for Women in Their 30s with curly hair10 cute hairstyles for curly hair

We’ve got 10 of the best hairstyles for women over 30 with curly hair! Curly hair can look very charming and sexy when managed with style. Why straighten your hair when your curls can perfectly frame your face?If you have curls and wavy circlets, this list is perfect! From curly hairstyles for everyday events, up to celebrity-inspired and glamour looks, take a look at our list.

1. Defined Curls- Check out Meg Ryan’s curly hairstyle at The Women? Don’t you just love the defined curls from top to bottom? Wash your hair first and detangle your locks. Apply styling lotion, massage and spread evenly with your fingers. Divide your hair into four six different sections, and do a double twist strand on each section. It’s easy, you just divide each section into two and twist it together.

Expert Tip: Note that the larger the sections for the double twist strand, the larger the curls you’ll get. Secure the twists at the end with hair bands and let it dry.Once your hair is dry, untwist the strands and voila! You got those well-defined circlets! Rub hair with styling serum to hold the hairstyle longer.

2. The Natural and Undone Curls- Why spends hours straightening your curls when they frame you perfectly. And besides, soft wavy curls look sexy. Detangle first so that your locks won’t look so wild. Smooth down fringes. Use a scrounging gel to hold the spirals up, and then use a diffuser to dry your hair.

3. Ponytail Casual- Want to look stylish even with just a ponytail? Detangle your curls first and then brush from sides and up. Tie with a high ponytail. If you have some short locks, leave some at the sides for a charming twist.

Expert Tip: For a different version, try a twisted ponytail. Combed hair into a ponytail, and then twist inside. It’s a variation of the classic French twist, only more relaxed with your curls loose at the back.

4. Formal Bun- Who says you can style your curly hair into a bun? Comb it and detangle. Apply styling mousse or lotion, and then tie to an updone bun. Perfect, managed and elegant. For a different version, do a side bun.

5. Updo Braid- Here’s another hair braid style you can try. Detangle hair first, and then divide into four sections – one on top, three at the lower parts. Braid the lower sections (2 sides and back part). Put down the top section and let the braids secure it into a bun. Looks gorgeous at the back! Secure loose curls with mouse or styling paste.

6. Curly Hair Braid- Who says braids are just for teens and those with straight hair? If you have long curly hair, manage the spirals with a fishtail braid at the lower half. It gives your curls enough space to add charm to your face, and a stylish look at the back!

7. DaenerysTargaryen Braids for Long Curly Hair- This Games of Throne hairstyle isn’t just for people with straight blond hair. And who says you can be a fan of DaenerysTargaryen at the age of 30? If you have long curly hair, this hairstyle lets your curls flow down freely at the back, while managing the sides into an up-braid. Section your hair with two parts on each side. Create two braids from each side. Tie the upper braids at the back together, and then next tie the lower left, right braids plus the ends of the upper top braids at the book.

8. Vintage Glamour Style- This one looks very nice on gala and formal events for a quick and simple hairstyle that also says you can still rock the glamour years ahead. Just tie a low ponytail, one that’s right at your nape, and then tuck the rest underneath with hairpins. Leave some curls on front at one side. Timeless!

9. Medium Length Bob- If you have wavy curls already and want short hair, try a medium length bob that runs just right above your shoulder. Your waves already have that texture that doesn’t look too wild or heavy, so no need to curl them further.

10. Half Up!- This works well for short curly hair and it’s pretty simple to do. If you’re thinking of having your curly hair trimmed into a short one, have it cut to a length just right above the shoulder. On regular work days, you can get away with this simple style.

Expert Tip: All you need is a hairclip or some hair pins. Separate a section on the upper sides of your hair, and then clip it together at the back and you’re done! Manage frizz and wild curls with leave-on conditioner.

There you go! Ten of the best hairstyles for women over 30 with curly hair, and they’re pretty easy to do.