How to Accessorize a Red Sequin Dress


How to accessorize a red sequin dressWhat shoes and jewelry to wear with a red sequin dress?

Sequins are all about glitz and glam and are usually worn for parties or special occasions. With New Year’s Eve around the corner, a sequined dress would be the perfect little number to turn heads, especially in red, which is bold, bright and powerful. Whether you go for an open back or with a one shoulder strap, with luxurious velvet or lovely lace insertions, a red sequinned dress is a perfect choice for a stunning party dress. While the dress alone is a head-turner, it’s important to accessorize the dress with the right shoes, bag, and jewelry. Sparkly is good, but your dress will do enough of that, so be sure you don’t overdo it with accessories that are just as shiny – you should choose accessories that highlight the fabulousness of the dress!

What jewelry to match with a red sequin dress?

1. The most important thing to know about choosing jewelry for your red sequinned dress is to avoid anything too heavy or shiny. Whether your dress is short or long, you want to keep jewelry simple and subtle and you don’t wish to wear something that clashes with the dress. Long sleeve sequinned dresses need only a pair of small earrings – avoid wearing bracelets or necklaces as they will be too much with the long sleeves of the dress.

2. A short sequinned dress could work with a bracelet but keep it very simple, such as a plain silver or gold bracelet or delicate bracelet. Small, drop earrings or diamond studs look great with a long dress while longer drop earrings would work with a short strapless red sequinned dress.

Expert tip! If you are at a loss as to what type of jewelry to wear, always remember this rule: simple and small is best! Go for small silver or gold stud earrings, a thin silver or gold wrist or ankle chain or a delicate chain necklace with small stone pendant.

What shoes to pair with a red sequin dress?

1. When it comes to selecting a pair of shoes for your outfit, it is not so much the sequins you have to worry about – it’s the color of the dress and in this case, a red dress will limit the color of the shoe that you can choose. Red is a bright, bold and dominant color in its own right so you would need to select a shoe that complements the color of the dress.

2. A stunning pale gold or soft silver strappy sandal works well with any length dress and adds a touch of glitz and glamor to the outfit without clashing with the sequins. Avoid wearing solid, closed shoes as these can look quite heavy with the sequins, so a simple, strappy sandal is a better choice.

Expert tip! If you are wearing strappy sandals, treat yourself to a pedicure to ensure you have beautiful looking toes – go for red nail polish to complement your dress!

What bag to pair with a red sequin dress?

1. Another important accessory to take into consideration when putting together your outfit is your bag. You will want to carry your keys, money and makeup in something for the evening, but don’t want anything too bulky, especially if it is a glamorous event. The best bet for a bag is a cute clutch bag in the same color as the dress in a slightly lighter or darker shade. Avoid matching your bag exactly to the color of the dress, however, a darker shade of red would work.

2. You could also match your bag with your shoes – if you are wearing pale gold strappy sandals, choose a light gold clutch bag with a slight sparkle as the perfect accessory for your outfit, or black shoes and a black clutch bag. Best bags for parties are always handheld bags – avoid choosing a bag that is worn over the shoulder or with a strap – this style will detract attention from the dress, which in this case is stunning and needs to be the focus!

Other accessories

A red sequinned dress needs a little help to create a WOW factor, so avoid wearing or carrying too many other accessories, other than your bag. If the weather is cool and you need to wear something warm to the party, go for a full-length coat over the dress, which can be checked by the coat check on arrival, or throw a plain color pashmina over your shoulders until you get inside.