What Jewelry to Wear With a V-neck Dress


Jewelry-for-V-Neck-DressHow to accessorize a V-neck dress?

The type of jewelry you wear can often make or break your outfit, depending on the neckline and style of the dress. The right necklace can work wonders to accentuate the neckline and style of the dress, draw attention to your neck and décolletage, and round off the look of the dress perfectly. The same can be said for earrings, which, if chosen correctly will have the same effect of drawing attention to your neckline and face, as well as complementing your outfit beautifully. It is important to remember not to ‘match’ your neckline and necklace though and to know when not to wear a necklace at all. Here, we take a look at choosing the right jewelry to complement a V-neck style dress.

1. What necklace to choose with V-neck dress

The type of necklace to choose for a V-neck dress would be one that draws focus and attention to the point of the V, from above or below, therefore the length of the necklace would depend on the length of the V on the dress. Choose something like a princess necklace with a hanging pendant, or lovely beads that fall just below the V of the neckline – this way the pendant or the beads attract attention to the tip of the V as suggested.

Expert tip! Avoid going for a round necklace as this will not work well with the slimming V-neck style.

Tips for Matching a Necklace to the Neckline of Your Dress

  • Accessorise chunky necklaces with thick fabrics and delicate necklaces with delicate fabrics.
  • Add the finishing touches to a sparkly dress with something that shines, like a diamond solitaire pendant or crystal necklace.
  • Match the colour of the necklace to other accessories, such as shoes or a belt or use the necklace to accentuate a particular colour in the dress.
  • Complement elaborately patterned or busy fabrics with a simple necklace and go for a detailed necklace if you are wearing a plain or monotone dress.

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2. What type of earrings to pair with V-neck dress

Choosing the right style of earrings to go with your outfit is actually more about your face shape than the style of the dress. Certain styles of earrings suit certain face types and shapes and no matter what type of dress or neckline you wear, this rule will generally work for any outfit.

  • Stud Earrings

Face Shape: Stud earrings are best suited to oval, long and diamond-shaped faces. Square and heart-shaped faces should avoid wearing studs as this can make your face look chubbier around the cheeks.

Outfits: Stud earrings work with every type of outfit and neckline.

  • Hoop earrings

Face Shape: Hoop earrings look beautiful on heart-shaped, diamond and oval face shapes as they tend to enhance the jawline. Oval hoops are a better choice for people with round and square face shapes as they create a slightly more petite appearance.

Outfits: Hoop earrings go well with strapless, off-the-shoulder and boat neckline, but do not look great with V-neck dresses or collared outfits.

  • Chandelier Earrings

Face shapes: Oval, heart-shaped or diamond shaped faces should choose wider chandelier earrings, while people with a square or a round face should go for longer and narrower chandelier earrings as these will add length to your face.

Outfits: Chandelier earrings work best with strapless dresses, as well as V-neck. Just remember to keep your earrings simple if your dress or outfit is busy or patterned and go for something with a sparkle or details if your outfit is simple.

  • Drop Earrings

Face shapes: Drop earrings compliments all face shapes and add a glamorous touch to any outfit.

Outfits: Drop earrings work well with dresses as opposed to jeans and pants, and are a perfect accompaniment to a V-neck dress. Drop earrings are great for grabbing attention, so make sure your hair is pulled up into a pony tail or a ballet bun to enhance your neckline.

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