What Jewelry to Wear with a High-Neck Dress


What jewelry to pair with high neck dressHow to style a high-neck dress?

One of the most difficult things to decide when getting ready for the office or a party is how to accessorize your outfit. Choosing the right style and type of jewelry to wear with your outfit can be wading through a quagmire as there are so many beautiful pieces to pick, from necklaces, bangles and earrings to chunky rings and anklets. Generally, the style and color of your outfit will determine the type of jewelry what you wear, particularly if your dress or top has a certain neckline. Here, we take a look at choosing the right jewelry to complement a high-neck style dress.

Occasion first, then style

The first thing you need to decide even before choosing the jewelry is what the occasion is that you are dressing for. Formal and classy events or occasions call for jewelry that is small and understated, and pieces that make a statement without saying a word. For more relaxed, casual events, jewelry can be bigger, brighter and slightly less sophisticated and more playful. Once that decision has been made, you can start thinking about the neckline and what would look best.

Expert tip! Dresses with high necklines are better choices for petite or slim women as they accentuate the chest.

Types of high necklinesTurtlenecks dress

1. Turtlenecks Turtle necklines are great for cold, wintery days, however, be careful with this style as they can create a rather masculine look and can make you look like you are being strangled. Turtlenecks are already heavy on the neck due to the fabric of the dress, so avoid heavy looking necklaces. The best choice for this neckline is either longer necklaces that drop from the cleavage or below bust level or a pair of statement earrings and no necklace. Long multi-chain matinee and opera-style necklaces are the best options for turtlenecks, but be careful not to use chunky or oversized ones as this can create a hefty look. If you are daring and want to make a statement, choose a bib-style matinee necklace that looks stunning against a turtleneck.Crew Neckline

2. Crew Necklines- Crew necklines are not popular with many women as they are blunt and very unflattering, however, a simple crew neck dress can be jazzed up with layered necklaces that sit on the same level of the collar. Avoid chunky statement types of necklaces though because it’ll make you look heavy.High-Boat-Neckline

3. High Boat Neckline- Boat necklines accentuate the straight line between the shoulders, so statement long matinee necklaces are the best choice for this style as it should aim to shift someone’s perspective away from the high neckline. Layered long necklaces with large statement beads or pendant always look great on boat necklines.cowl-neck-sweater

4. Cowl Necklines- A dress with a cowl neckline can be flattering enough on its own and accessorizing it with a necklace risks destroying the stunning effect of the fabric’s soft curve lines. Avoid the necklace and go for chandelier earrings instead.Halter-Dress

5. High Neckline Halter Dresses- Again, a high-neck halter dress is a stunning style on its own, so avoid wearing a necklace with this style and simply settle for chandelier, dangle or statement earrings.


High neck dresses need jewelry that balances the high neckline therefore the best type of necklace to go for with high-neck dress would be an opera-style or matinee type necklace to draw the eye towards the necklace and away from the neckline.

Expert tip! Avoid wearing a choker or princess length necklace as this style will create too much bulk around the neckline and make you look like you are being strangled!

Tips for matching a necklace to the neckline of your dress

  • Color is just as important as style, so match the color of the necklace to other accessories you are wearing, like a belt or your shoes, to accentuate a particular color in the dress.
  • Busy fabrics or patterns are best paired with a simple necklace style, like a single chain and pendant, while a monochromatic dress looks great with a dash of color and a bright, chunky necklace.
  • Sparkly dresses require just as sparkly pieces, so go for diamanté, crystals, or real diamonds if you can afford them!


Deciding on the type of earrings to go with your high-neck dress is more about your face shape than the style of the dress. Certain face shapes are best paired with certain styles of earrings, for example, a large moon-faced person would look better with drop or chandelier earrings to balance the face shape, while a petite pixie-like face shape looks great with little studs.