How to Accessorize a Yellow Dress


How to accessorize a yellow dressWhat shoes and jewelry to wear with yellow dress?

Yellow is generally thought of as a tricky color and not one that everyone can wear, however it remains a popular summer color year in and year out. Yellow is synonymous with being a ‘happy’ color, a color that promotes laughter, optimism and good times and should make you feel like that when you wear it! We see yellow being worn by stars on the red carpet that carry it off in style and now you can too! While people with pale skin should keep the amount of yellow the wear to a minimum, darker shades of skin or a good tan works wonders with the color and can really make a stunning summer statement. Yellow can be worn in a variety of shades, from bright, sunshine yellow to a pale watery yellow, all of which can be paired perfectly with neutral block colors.

How to wear a yellow dress?

If you are brave enough to wear the color yellow, it can look fantastic on a coat or a short leather jacket. Top fashion houses, Gucci and Michael Kors both had yellow trench coats on the catwalk this season and a cropped yellow jacket with jeans and a flat pump can look trés chic!

1. Yellow tops- Yellow look great when worn as a top as it can be paired with neutral bottoms such as black or white jeans. You can choose to wear a solid yellow top and tone it down with a navy blue blazer or another neutral color – this will give you the brightness and vibrancy of the color without being overpowering. If you feel a solid yellow top is too much for you, go for something in stripes or patterns with yellow in it to tone it down.

2. Yellow skirts- If you don’t want to wear yellow too close to your face (this could clash with your natural coloring) you can wear it in a skirt instead. It is best to go for a short skirt as this minimizes the amount of yellow being worn and can be paired with warm hues like caramel, tan, cream or white. Yellow is the perfect color to wear in summer, so mini-skirts are the best style to choose and look gorgeous, especially with lovely tanned legs.

3. Yellow prints- You want to follow the trend and wear yellow but don’t want to go overboard by wearing full color yellow, so prints are perfect for this. There are many summer dresses with wonderful yellow prints that give your look a bright, happy feel without overdoing it. Choose a print that suits you and goes with other things in your wardrobe – think a denim jacket and flat navy blue pumps as perfect partners for a cool summer’s evening.

What jewelry/accessories to pair with a yellow dress?

If you are not too enthusiastic about wearing color in your clothing, it can always be worn as an accessory to liven up your outfit and overall look. Adding some yellow to your outfit with a chic scarf, handbag or necklace can work just as well as having it in your clothing. It is best to pair a yellow accessory with neutral colored clothing, such as a white dress or black pants suit.

  • A white cotton summer dress will look stunning with a little yellow clutch bag or yellow pumps. Avoid wearing yellow shoes AND carrying a yellow bag as this could look TOO matched.
  • Yellow shoes are tricky, but you can get away with a pale yellow pump during the day or sparkly stiletto with some yellow splashes in the evening. Avoid wearing bright yellow shoes, as you run the risk of looking like a clown.

What color shoes to pair with a yellow dress?

Well, the key is not to overdo it – you can wear it with black and stay on the safe side, or you can experiment and pair it with different prints, or color block it with other colors. Follow our advice and use your yellow dress to make a couple of perfect summer outfits!

Shoes are an important part of your outfit and overall look and pairing your yellow dress with the right pair of shoes is imperative. The key when choosing a pair of shoes is not to overdo it – the safest color to choose if you are unsure is black, which can be worn with solid yellow or printed yellow and in a variety of styles.

  • A bright yellow outfit calls for a neutral or soft-colored shoe, such as a cream flat pump or sandal or something in tan, brown or beige. If you want to add a touch of color, go for something warm, like a russet red or burnt orange to compliment the yellow in the dress.
  • For a paler yellow outfit, you can choose a brighter shoe to make a statement, again, best in a warm color such as reds, oranges, or browns.