Top 10 Hairstyles for Women Over 30 with Medium Length Hair


Shoulder-Length-Hair-for-Work-2015-2016Best hairstyles for women over 30

By the time you reach your thirties, you have long given up on worrying about what other people think of your hair, makeup or outfit. You have reached the age where you are beginning to put yourself first and do things to make yourself feel better, so at this stage your lifestyle will dictate your hairstyle as much as your face shape and hair texture does.

If you are a power-hungry career woman climbing her way up the corporate ladder, you want to cut your hair to shoulder length or shorter for a strong, powerful look. A well-maintained, neat hairstyle says a lot about your personality and if you want to be taken seriously in the office (which is usually a male-dominated environment) keep your hair short and slick and avoid long, flowy girly locks.

If, however, you are a stay-at-home mom and busy with the kids all day, you will want a low-maintenance hairstyle that you can brush-and-go. Find a style that works for your hair texture and face shape (going for a pixie look might not work if you have frizzy hair) and one that doesn’t require an enormous amount of product or maintenance to look as good as possible. Here are 10 great haircuts and styles that work for women in their thirties:

Medium Hair with a Fringe1. Medium Hair with a Fringe (Bangs)- This classic style works on a range of face shapes and hair types. Long hair looks good on any woman but can look drab if worn unkempt or left to grow too long. Bangs or a chunky fringe gives the style a fresh lift and look and can be worn blunt (straight across the forehead) or to the side as a side-swept fringe.

The Shaggy Cut2. The Shaggy Cut- This is a fantastic shoulder-length cut that looks just a bit messy. The shaggy cut is very attractive because it seems casual and unfussy, but can also be blow-dried into something more sophisticated and stylish. When cut correctly, the shaggy cut can be air-dried to perfection – simply give your hair a few spritzes of a sea salt spray, a few scrunches with your hands and you’re good to go.

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Pixie cut3. The Pixie Cut- Perfect for trendsetters, short, petite women and women who want to make a statement without a word, the Pixie Cut is a stunner, highlighting superb bone structure, lovely eyes and full lips. While we would all love to rock the Audrey Hepburn look, this gorgeous cut is only suitable for smaller women as women with bigger curves need more hair to balance the body out.

Thick, Shoulder-Length4. Thick, Shoulder-Length- Thick, shoulder-length hair is the most versatile cut for a stylish, flattering look. This gorgeous cut works well on all face shapes and hair textures and creates a thick, bouncy, healthy looking head of hair due to the ideal shoulder length, which falls perfectly onto the collar bone.

Long, Beachy Waves5. Long, Beachy Waves- This carefree, wavy style is perfect for both summer and winter and looks great on all face shapes and hair types. Hair should be kept at a length below the shoulders and treated with a serum before blow or air-drying to keep a smooth, silky look. This style can be worn in a middle parting for a laid-back hippie look or to the side for an elegant, svelte look.

A-Line Long Bob6. A-Line Long Bob- Also known as the “graduated bob”, the A-line is a traditional long bob option because it gives style and sophistication to an otherwise boring cut. This cut is perfect for busy women and mothers-on-the-go as it looks fantastic when air-dried for a casual look, blow-dried for a sleek look, or pulled into a pony for a quick on-the-run style.

The Classic Bob7. The Classic Bob- The classic bob cut has been over the decades and isn’t going anywhere. It will always be a stylish choice for women no matter their age and oozes sophistication, however, does need some require a bit of styling. Bob cuts work best on thin to medium hair and anyone with a nice jawline and décolletage.

Chin-length and Air-Dried8. Chin-length and Air-Dried- Women with beautiful long necks and a great jawline can carry this chin-length cut off with ease. Make sure your hair falls right at the chin line, so if flicked to the side, it creates an elegant look.

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Shoulder Length9. Shoulder Length- This style is probably the most popular cut and style around. It’s flattering on all shapes of faces, from heart-shaped faces to round and square, and works well with all textures of hair, from frizzy to smooth.

10. New Trend- The latest trend these days is hair that falls between the chin and the shoulders which is ideal for women of all ages, and is easy to maintain, style and keep.