10 Best Hairstyles for Women Over 40 With Short Hair


Short-Hairstyle-for-Women-Over-40-Superb-Short-Shag-HaircutsStylish and sexy hairstyles for women with short hair

Flattering, beautiful and manageable, here are 10 best hairstyles for women over 40 with short hair. At this age range, who says we can’t be as stylish as those in the 20’s? But we have to consider some points. No one wants to look ten years older than the age they have already, so we’ve picked hairstyles that are edgy and doesn’t drag the face down. Short hairstyles are best, because it looks chic and takes the years off the face. Plus it’s easy to manage! Some hairstyles in this list also add some touches of sophistication; afterall, we all want grace in old age.

1. Choppy Bob This hairstyle says it all, carefree, fearless and still sexy at 40!Ask your hairstylist to give you a choppy bob with movement – not too layered, not too stiff. What about the length? Just an inch or two below your chin is perfect.

2. Wavy Bob Check online Halle Berry and CharlizeTheron’s wavy bob!This relaxed beach hairstyle with soft wavy locks can add volume to thin short hair! It looks so natural, and even with imperfect ends and unruly texture, it looks sporty and perfect for the summer sun.

3. Layered Bob For those who prefer the fine classic bob but doesn’t want an apple cut, the layered bob is a chic hairstyle for women over 40 with short hair. Still low-maintenance, and it looks great with almost any type of hair and face shape.

Expert tip: For more edgy look, ask your hairstylist to make the hair shorter at the back, such that the layers taper to a longer length at the front.

4. Layered Back Sweep Sophisticated and flattering, layered hairstyles work with almost any face shape. Add a fashionable twist by sweeping your hair at the side, to the back. Hold the style with clips or bobby pins. You can have one side-swept and the other side with layered curls. Need inspiration? Check out French actress Marion Cottiliard’s hairstyle below.

5. Apple Bob Super chic at 40? Why not? Try the apple bob haircut with straight hair, it’s a great modern hairstyle that exudes power especially when paired with business attire. Have the length on same level as your chin, and have the back a bit shorter or in level with the front.

6. Pixie Fringe This short hairstyle perfectly tapers on oval face shapes and those with fine straight hair. It’s extra short compared to the regular layered bob.

Expert tip: Ask your stylist to add feathered bangs to add volume in front. This will add gorgeous grazing fringes on your forehead, which can also hide wrinkles.

7. Asymmetric Side Part Got flat, straight short hair? Style it with a side part to create an asymmetric look. Simple and easy to replicate, all you need is a good hair brush to keep the strands on one side. Use an organic leave-on conditioner that will add that mirror-like shine on straight locks.

8. The Karlie Kloss Cut Named after the supermodel who made this hairstyle famous a couple years back, it looks great for those who have thin body frame and if you have oval or round face-shape. The cut just tapers at the nape level, with hair in soft waves and natural texture. The long bangs helps to hide wrinkles on your forehead and the side of your eyes. Plus it elongates and opens the face, flattering your face.

9. Two Toned Shaggy Add volume and shape to your hair by having highlights or two toned hair color. Have your hairstylist add a two toned dye job on your hair at the level of your cheekbones to create the effect.

If you have dark hair, try caramel streaks. Not too sure and comfortable with having different hair colors? It doesn’t have to be too bold. You can choose shades that are a level or two darker or lighter than the other.

10. Princess Cut Hairstyle Short hair cuts aren’t just for casual and sporty hairstyles. If you’re attending a wedding or a gala party, princess cut hairstyles look elegant yet still easy to manage. Take a look at Princess Diana’s short hairstyle, it looks great even when wearing suits or gowns. It’s a layered short bob, with bangs parted asymmetrically. If you have longer bangs, you can part it into a side swept and secure with a jewelled clip or pin for added glamour.

From modern bobs, edgy cuts to sophisticated hairstyles for formal events, we hope you’ll find one that will suit your taste out of these 10 best hairstyles for women over 40 with short hair. Even at this age, stay fabulous!


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