Matching Cute Hairstyle for Women with Glasses


Matching Cute Hairstyle for Women with GlassesMatching your hairstyle to your glasses

There’s no need to be embarrassed when you have to wear extra set of lens. We’ve gathered hairstyles that you can try even with different types of eye wear. Pick one based on your eyeglass frame, and you’ll find that each works well as a cute hairstyle for women with glasses. Thanks to modern and hipster fashion, eyeglasses have become more than a geeky accessory, a prop that serves more for function and fashion.

Hairstyles for large framed glasses

Covering the entire eye area, large frame glasses choose to dominate as the main feature of your face. Lenses can have frames that are thin or bold, rounded or squared. With this type of glasses, the key is to have a hairstyle that balances out the huge frame, preferably the ones with layered cuts and extra volume on the top area of your head.

1. Korean Natural Bun – This natural updo-look is simple and very easy to do, and looks cute with large eyeglasses. The large bun on top of your head balances out the focus from your large framed glasses. You’ll need two elastic bands. Simply tie a high ponytail and at the last loop, make a top knot. Create a donut out of the top knot. Want a bigger bun? You can use a hair donut to get at better shape.

2. Bob with Bangs Thus cute hairstyle works very well with large round framed glasses. Work out a basic or layered bob cut with side bangs. You can either have it short or long enough to frame the curves of your jawline.

3. Gamine Haircut – This cute hairstyle for women with glasses work very well for those with fine or wavy hair. You can pretty much get away with large bold or thin frame, with either super short gamine that runs right above your ears, or with a long side bangs that frames the curve of your jawline.

4. Audrey Hepburn Bun – Remember that classic bun Audrey Hepburn had in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s and she wore it with large framed sunglasses? That hairstyle works really well for large bold framed glasses.

Hairstyles for wide framed glasses

Wide framed glasses create a horizontal line at your temples, and usually extend beyond the corners of the eyes. There are several cute hairstyles for women with glasses that are wide, and the main goal is to avoid the emphasis on wide faces.

1. Side Braid with Bangs This looks super cute and charming. Great for those who have wavy or straight long hair. Create a side braid and let it flow on one side. Add full front bangs for better balance.

2. Bangs with Medium Wavy Hair – Curly or wavy hair helps frame your face well, and will reduce emphasis on wide or round faces with glasses. Add some full or side bangs to add height to your hairstyle and balance the wide frames.

3. Layered Straight Hair Have your hairstylist add layers to your hair to elongate your face. This will balance the wide effect of your glasses. Wear your hair full length down on front for both sides.

4. French Braids Tired of straight hairstyles? Try mastering French braids! A huge French braid at the top of your head and goes all the way to the back looks cute and gorgeous even with glasses. The added volume that looks like a headband will help balance out the focus from your large frames.

Hairstyles for small frame glasses

Many people choose this type of frame because of versatility on different face shapes. The frames look cute and non-obstrusive on any outfit or hairstyle. The only problem with small frame glasses is that many hairstyles tend to box in the entire face, making all your facial features smaller and narrower. Open hairstyles work best with this type of glass frame.

1. Super Short Gamine If you have straight and, fine hair, with small framed glasses, you’ll look better with short hair. Gamine hairstyles look great with small glasses, especially for those with round and delicate facial features.

2. Pixie Hair Parted Sideways For those with straight hair and small frames, pixie cuts works well and creates a cute hairstyle for women with glasses. It opens up your face and accentuates your jawline and cheeks. Consider parting your short hair sideways for added style.

3. Twisted Half-up If you have long, straight or curly hair and small framed glasses, try hairstyles that put hair away from your front, keeping your entire face and ears visible. Try a twisted half-up, just part some locks of hair from your sides and twist them. Tie the locks together at the back, by elastic bands or hairclip. You can also try braiding the sides.

When visiting a salon for a new hairstyle, always bring your glasses with you so that your hairstylist can match the cut and style that fits with your glass frames.