A Step by Step Method to Apply Eyeliner Perfectly without Smudging


how-to-apply-liquid-eyeliner-perfectlyHow to apply eyeliner without smudging?

Eyes are the main attraction of any women and putting eyeliner to them can enhance your magnetism. Nobody will see your eyes unless you have put on a perfect eyeliner.  Learning how to apply eyeliner perfectly is quite easy, it’s just that you need to remember few simple steps. Once you will master this art, you can try different variations of eyeliner that can enhance your beauty. So, let’s find out the right way to apply eyeliner to your eyes perfectly without smudging.

Types of eyeliner available:

First let’s learn about the types of eyeliners available in the market & how to choose one for you before we move ahead with technique of applying eyeliner:

  • The Pencil Liner: The pencil eyeliner is perfect for beginners, who are yet to learn about the advanced eyeliner techniques like cat eye and winged eye flick. This eyeliner is quite popular among young girls because of its ease of application. If applied properly, it can give you a beautiful Smokey eye effect. The pencil eyeliner is available in different- 2 shades, however pick one that is water proof and long lasting.
  • The Felt Liner: The felt eyeliner is a combination of liquid + pencil eyeliner. The ease & accuracy of applying this eyeliner is exactly same that of pencil & liquid eyeliner. However as per our recommendation, you should master the technique of applying pencil eyeliner first before moving to felt eyeliner. There are a lot of application styles available to try with felt eyeliner, as compare to pencil eyeliner.
  • The Gel-Based Liner: Gel eyeliner should be held softly as compared to pencil eyeliner. They are bit tougher to apply in comparison to pencil eyeliner.  However, if you want a perfect smoky and much cleaner look, nothing works better than gel base eyeliner.

Steps in applying eyeliner perfectly

  • Choose Your Look: After learning about eyeliner types and their use, it’s time to choose a look for you based on the occasion. For a formal look go for a thin line, for informal appearance apply thick or winged eyeliner and for night out choose a smoky effect.
  • Apply Your Regular Makeup first: To get a clean and perfect look always apply your eyeliner in the last after you have finished up with your routine makeup like foundation, eye shadow and blush. You can learn how to apply eye shadow and mascara perfectly here.


  • Create a Dotted Line Along Lashes: If you are a beginner, start with your upper eyelid first and draw a dotted line close to the root of eyelashes. This step will eliminate any chance of mistake that you might face in drawing a perfect line thereafter. For advanced users, you can directly a draw a thin line close to the roots of your eye lashes.
  • Connect the Dots: Now it’s time to connect these dots slowly, starting from inner corner of your eye to the outer one. If by any chance you got it wrong, remove it with the help of a cotton ball and redo the above step. Voila you are done

Create different looks with your eyeliner:

You can try different looks with these little variations in your regular eyeliner:

  • Line Your Bottom Lashes: To get an impressive or a striking look, apply a thin line of eyeliner on your bottom lashes as well. Application method is same as explained in above steps. Draw a dotted line first and connect them later.


  • The Cat Eye Look: This is a dream look of every girl. Simply draw a thick line close to your upper lashes and extend it beyond the outer corner of your eye.  Similarly, draw a thin line close to your bottom lashes, extending it beyond the outer corner and join it with upper line. Now fill the space between them with pencil or gel eyeliner


  • The Vibrant Look (colored eyeliner): To get a colorful look, you need to have at least three different shades of mascara available with you.  Divide your upper lash-line into three parts using dots. Now connect first two dots with one color, second & third dot with different shade and third and fourth dot with another color. Now, apply a thin black line on your lower lash and you are good to go with this most vibrant look.


  • The winged look: This is a most favorite look among girls. To apply winged eyeliner, draw a thin line along the upper lash line of your eyes. You can also draw dots first and can connect them later. Now draw a thin diagonal line (45 degree) at the outer corner of your eye forming the shape of a wing. Close your eye and join the tip of a wing down to the middle of your upper lash-line using pencil eyeliner. It’s time to fill in the gap area with pencil or gel eyeliner and you are ready to go!!

Expert tips to apply eyeliner perfectly

  • The best way to apply perfect eyeliner is to sit in a comfortable position with your elbow resting on a flat table. This will eliminate any chance of mistake that may happen.
  • Pick a color that matches your skin tone, e.g. white or brown color eyeliner would look beautiful on fair skin whereas black would look perfect on dark shade.
  • If by any chance you get messed up with your eyeliner, just grab an ear bud with some Vaseline on it and remove the spot.


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