Fashion Tips and Dresses to Hide Belly Fat More Effectively


How to hide your belly fat?

Belly fat is found in most of the people regardless of body shape. With this article I am sharing the most effective and latest fashion tips which can help you to hide tummy fat more easily. Have you ever been into a situation where you are wearing a tight dress and you have to suck in your tummy so that it don’t come out and make you feel embarrassed? If yes, then you are at a right place. Read below my do’s and don’ts about hiding your tummy fat and how you can draw away the attention from your tummy to other beautiful parts of your body.


Avoid tight clothes: As far as possible, try to avoid tight clothes over your belly area. The idea is to highlight your strengths and not weakness, which is your stomach in this case. Wear a beautiful necklace or a detailed top with embroidery work to draw the attention towards your upper half. You can avoid banded tops at waist line.

Go Asymmetric: Asymmetric outfits can create an illusion of slimmer body. So don’t go for equal proportioned clothes every time and instead try for asymmetric combination to get that slim look.

Extra Tip: You can try Kaftan tops and sassy tops to hide your tummy fat.

Wear darker colors: To look slimmer, wear darker colors from head to toe. Black is not only the option, you can also try other colors that suits your skin tone and overall look.  If you love wearing prints & patterns, add a dark color casual jacket to get that perfect look.

Go for tunic and legging combination: Tunic + leggings can work wonders to hide your belly. Wear long flowing tunic top and match it with leggings. There are so many choices available in the market which will keep you updated. As advised, stay away from tight fitting tops and never wear leggings with them because this will highlight your middle and lower half.

A-line outfits are your true friend: A-line outfits are your true friends. They give a perfect fit at upper body and a loose fit at tummy, making you look perfect. So next, time whenever you go for shopping, add some A-line tops and skirts in your wardrobe.

Empire waist outfits: Another option available is Empire waist outfits. They don’t suit well on every body shape. But however, they are a fantastic option for people with big belly. You can choose from empire waist skirt, top or short dress to get that beautiful look without even worrying about your big belly.

Wear medium or top rise jeans: Low waist jeans give a push up effect to your belly, which will ultimately highlight your big stomach. So the best idea is to buy a mid rise jeans for you, which sits flat on your belly.

Go for layering: Layering of clothes work like a magic in hiding your big tummy. Put on several layers of clothes on your body, so that your belly don’t get noticeable. The good option is to invest some money in buying smart jackets, long vest and cardigans.

Wear bold prints & patters: Bold prints and patterns draw away the attention of a viewer from tummy to your dress. They will highlight the color and patterns of your dress and not of your tummy. So choose dresses that have big sized patterns and prints on it.

Choose your fabric carefully: Fabric like jersey and Lycra sits on your stomach and highlight your belly. Therefore, always go for cotton, linen, lace and silk clothes which hangs on belly area and help you to hide your big belly.


Never tuck in your shirts: Tucking your shirt inside the pant will give others a chance to look at your big tummy. So best is avoid tucking your shirts inside the trousers and keep them outside. Never buy long shirts that falls below the hip line instead buy one that covers 2/3 of yours bums.

Avoid banded tops at waistline: Banded tops at waistline highlight your belly area. So a wise option is to stay away from them.

Don’t emphasize your tummy area: Avoid wearing belts and other accessories on your belly area as this will emphasize your big tummy. However, you can try dresses which have an option to wear higher belts to draws attention to your upper half.

Avoid over sized clothing: If you are of an opinion that over sized outfits can hide your belly fat, than think again. Plus sized outfits can definitely hide your big belly but they will make you look extra fat. Instead, wear fitted clothes which are loose on your belly and fit other body parts.

How to hide your tummy in a tight fitting dress

You have to go in a party and the dress you have chosen is tight around your belly. So now what?? Don’t get despair!! There are ways to deal with it. Yes, you got it right; invest some money in shape wears. Most of the fashion designers suggest their models to wear shape wear to get that flawless look. Even the most beautiful ladies, you see on TV and films use the same techniques.

Shape wear are available in different styles and according to body weight.  Choose one that is not too loose and not too tight. You should be comfortable at the end. But keep one thing in mind that these shape wears also have some limitations.  If you are overweight by 20 Kg or more, than shape wear can’t give you that perfect slim look, but yes, you still can hide your bulges and can wear that tight fitted dress.