How to Do Dutch Braid on Curly Hair: Step by Step Tutorial


How to style a dutch braidHow to do Dutch braid on yourself

Before you dismiss this as a difficult braid technique, try it first. Dutch Braid is basically a reverse of the French braid, or it looks like the inside-out of a regular braid. This braid technique is great for curly hair, as it sweeps the hair tight and the braid sits on top, making it less messy and more like a textured and sculpted hairstyle.

Hair Conditioning First Before Braids

It helps when you wash and condition your hair before hairstyling. If you have enough time beforehand, consider the following steps to care for your curly hair before creating the braids. For those in a rush, at least apply hair conditioning serum.

1. Wash hair. Since were going to do braid sand, your hair will be weaved, you don’t want to have dirt and grime stuck in there.

2. After washing, dry hair naturally with clean towel by blotting off excess water. Do not rub, as it might damage hair strands and result to more frizz. If you’re in a rush and need to dry your hair, use a hair drying with diffuser and in low setting. Lift sections of your hair to dry the roots, but don’t put the hair dryer to close to the hair and scalp.

3. De-tangle with a wide tooth comb, paddle brush. Denman brush types are among the most recommended tools for de-tangling curly hair. Avoid tight combs to reduce damage.

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4. Apply conditioning serum for curly hair to keep it moisturised and shiny. It’ll also help manage the frizz during and after styling.

Steps on How to Do Dutch Braids

How to to dutch braids

1. Part hair – If you want to create a single Dutch braid, brush your hair to the back. For two Dutch braids, part hair into two from the top to your nape, and hold each section with a clip or elastic band.

Note: The next steps below will focus on single Dutch braid. For two or multiple braids, simple follow the steps for each hair section.

2. Start the braid from the top – Grab a part of your hair at the top where the Dutch braid will start. If you have long bangs and want to include those in the braid, gather that together like you’re creating a high ponytail or sharkie. If not, separate the bangs, and then grab a part your hair at the top of your head.

3. Split the section – Divide that section equally into 3. You’ll now have the middle, left and right

4. Middle section OVER the right section – Cross over that middle section to the right section. Use the other hand that holds the left section to grab the right section. Separate the left and right sections with the fingers of one hand. Your other hand should be holding the middle section.

5. Left section UNDER the middle section – After this point, your right hand should be holding the left and middle section. The left hand now holding the right section.

6. Repeat the pattern – Cross the new middle section under the right strands, and then the left under the middle strands. Also remember that if you want a tight braid, weave the strands closely.

7. As you complete each pattern (steps 4-5), grab some strands and add it to each section before weaving the next braid – After each set, you’ll now form the weaved pattern and now have a new set of left, middle and right sections. Grab some parts of loose hair at the right side and combine this to the right section before you cross it under the middle section.

8. Do the same step for the left section Grab some hair from the left side of your head for the left section, before you cross it under the middle section.

9. Complete the steps 4-6 again – Keep going by grabbing some parts of your hair at each side until you hit the end of the strands.

10. Secure the braid with elastic bands or clip – To keep frizz and curls at bay, spray some light hair spray.

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Keep on practising to get the technique mastered even though you’re not looking at the mirror. If you want big, loose braids, you can pull sides of the braid to expand its volume. If you have long hair, you can either create a bun with this Dutch braid, side braid that tapers to one shoulder that’s similar to Disney’s Elsa character in the movie Frozen, or a Dutch braid crown.