10 Creative and Unique Wedding Hairstyle for Medium Hair


Wedding hairstyles for medium hair

Take a look at the list below for the 10 creative and unique wedding hairstyles for medium hair length. Many brides think that only those with long hair can have the sweetest and most creative bridal hairstyles. There’s no need to worry, even with short or medium hair length, you can have those sweet romantic hair bun or other unique and creative hairstyle for the big day. Updo’s and hair buns are among the most elegant choices, while there are also relaxed hairstyles that you can opt especially for bohemian or rustic wedding themes.

Side Chignon Gatsby Glamour

1. Side Chignon Gatsby Glamour – This twisted side chignon take sits inspiration from the glamorous fashion of the Great Gatsby’s vintage era. Create a side chignon and loosen up some side finger waves that will help frame the face. Pick one side where you’ll pin the chignon. Part hair either unevenly with the smaller part on the opposite side where the chignon will be. Create a twisted line from the top to bottom side part near the ear. From there, create a bun with the remaining   Add a sparkling floral pin on the chignon.

Bouffant Bun2. Bouffant Bun – Bouffant’s characteristic high puff in front can help elongate the face and make it look slimmer. This hairstyle is great for those with medium length hair looking for more volume for a retro-themed event. For a modern version that balances out from the big hair trends in the 1960s, first part some hair in front and secure it with clips. With the hair at the back, create a high bun. Now with the front part, pull it and secure towards the top bun, and then fluff it loosely to create a puff. Add a jeweled headband for glitter and glamour.

Soft Waves and Flower Crown3. Soft Waves and Flower Crown – For rustic and bohemian wedding themes, here’s a beautiful and easy to create hairstyle. Condition hair into soft flowing waves that help frame the face. You can either create a loose low bun at the back or wear it down. Then add a floral crown or floral head band. For beach weddings, match the scenery with orchids or Hawaiian Plumeria flowers.

Rose Bun

4. Rose Bun – Here’s one that will use a lot of holding hairspray but will definitely wow everyone. The hair bun at the back is shaped into petals of a blooming rose. For short and wavy hair, one can recreate this as a tight rose bud bun.

Double Braid Crown5. Double Braid Crown This elegant braid is a favorite!Part hair into two on one side and create crown braid that goes from one side to the other. Add some fresh small flowers or jeweled pins. Then with the rest of the hair at the back, form a French bun.

Bow Bun Updo6. Bow Bun Updo As the name stands for, your hair is fashioned into a bow instead of a bun. This works best with straight sleek hair. Set a low ponytail and then shape the hair into a ribbon or bow. Use hairspray to secure the shape. You can add jeweled pins or flowers around.

side sweep low bun7. Art Deco Style Have you watched Downtown Abbey? Their art deco hairstyles are really simple to recreate and requires some headpieces like a jewelled headband or chain to accessorize. Create a side sweep low bun and put a jewelled headband.

Fishtail Heart shaped Braid Bun8. Fishtail Heart Shaped Braid Bun Fishtail buns are great if you have long hair. But if you medium length hair, here one creative twist that you can do. Set a low ponytail as the base of the bun, and then create a fishtail braid. Once you hit the end of your hair strands, secure it with elastic band. Expand the top of the fishtail, the part near the ponytail so that it now forms the heart. Take the bottom of the fishtail and fold it inwards and then secure with pins. There you go, heart-shaped fishtail bun.

Interwoven Bun9. Interwoven Bun This hairstyle involves lots of sculpting to set hair on where it should be. You can fashion it into a bun with swirling hair that looks like it’s been carved intricately or have it styled into a messy interwoven bun like the photo below. Add pearl strands with the curls or jewelled pins.

Detailed Sculpted Bun10. Detailed Sculpted Bun – Updo hairstyles for weddings are among favorites especially for brides who will wear a veil. Behind the lace, wow your guests with a sleek bun with detailed swirls like the image above. It’s a tight version of an interwoven bun with added loose braids at the side.