What Outfits to Wear for a Pear Shaped Body


Pear Shaped BodyGreat Fashion Tips for Pear Body Shapes 

It’s really easy for women with pear body shapes to look beautiful and attractive. Having a pear body shape means your hip is wider than the upper part of your body. As a result, you have to dress to this shape. Choose clothes that accentuate your shoulders, draw attention to your upper body and waist, and also make your legs noticeable. The ultimate goal is having the hourglass body shape look. Below are lots of fashion advice that will help you dress to complement your body shape.

1. Best Tops for Pears:

Go for well-styled tops with bold designs, fun colors, prints and other features that take the eyes away from your hip. Make sure it also corresponds with what you wear below it.

  • Ensure your blouses make your shoulders look broader. They must have beautiful patterns and designs too so that they’ll draw attention to your upper body and your beautiful face.
  • Layer your clothes first before wearing them. Ensure your top half balances with the wider bottom. Go for the hourglass look
  • Your ideal top should be of three-quarter length, covering your hips, bottoms and thighs.
  • Don’t wear drop-waists, baggy tops or other tops that end at your bum because they draw unnecessary attention there. Also avoid shirts that are too tight with visible pockets that stick out on your hips and thighs.

2. Best Jackets and Coats for Pear Shaped Body:

Go for jackets that go past your hips towards your mid-thighs. Your aim should be to draw less attention to your lower half as stated before. Try to make your silhouette appear sleeker by choosing jacks with dark colors.

  • Wear coats with floral prints, they draw attention to your face. It’s even better if the coat has small front pockets and epaulets, they help proportion your upper and lower half.
  • Pears look great in coats with fitted waistlines and coachmen. Princess and high waistline coats in an A-line also make you look lovely. Trench coats should go with strings tied at the back. It defines your waist and proportions your body.
  • Add a colored scarf or a broach to your coat dressing. Ensure your tops are more brightly colored than your lower wears.
  • Add a little detail to the shoulder, cuff or breast area of the coat.
  • Don’t wear straight cut and boxy coats, it makes you look heavy. Avoid coats with Raglan sleeves too.
  • Don’t wear short jackets or coats that end around your bum.

3. Best Skirts for Pear Shaped Women:

Go for clothes that skim through the lower curves- A-line skirts, wraps and others, are the best bet as they don’t make your hips look baggy or unshapely. Ensure they’re knee-length so that they make your waist look smaller and your calves look fabulous.

  • Try flat fronted or softly pleated skirts that highlight your waist. A good example is tulip skirt, which glides down, instead of pulling over your lower torso to disguise your hips and bum.
  •  Cloths that are straight tapered or between the knee and mid-calf styles are also good. Make sure the hem is wide enough to visually balance your body.
  • Don’t wear shorts and tight skirts, they emphasize your hips and thighs, which you don’t want. Avoid skirts that end mid-calf, they will make you look frumpy and unflattering.
  • Avoid clingy materials like Lycra and bias-cuts.
  • Pencil skirts are good too but ensure they aren’t tapered.

Extra Tip: Don’t forget to wear heels, they make you look and feel taller, in addition to drawing less attention to your hips and bum.

4. Best Jeans,Trouser & Pant Ideas for Pear Shaped Body Type: 

As a Pear, you might get frustrated when putting on jeans but you just have to work with what’s available.

  • Always make sure you wear bottom denims of a darker shade. Darker blues, dark grays, blacks, and browns are good. Jeans with a flare on the bottom or a little fading below the kneeare good too. Flared leg jeans are also great. They balance the curviness of your hips and thighs appropriately.
  • Boot-cuts, flared pants and jeans are also alright because they’re wider downwards and make your body look well proportioned.
  • Don’t wear jeans with faded thighs as they draw attention to the area. Go for darker shades of jeans that will make you look slimmer and give you that classical jeans look.
  • Traditional trousers are also good for people with a pear body shape. They make the hips and thighs look slimmer, and make your legs look longer.

Extra Tip: If you have long legs then make sure you keep things plain and simple, don’t use belt loops, creases, pleats or pockets instead wear bootlegs with it.

5. What Type of Shorts Pear Shaped Women Should Wear:

  • Dark or neutral colored knee-length shorts without cuffs or fancy hem are ideal as they don’t draw attention to your lower half. Avoid black and navy colors too.
  • Booty shorts are a NO-GO as they make your tush and thighs look bigger. They’re also unattractive and don’t complement your body type.
  • Don’t wear shorts with pleating and patterns as they draw attention to your bottom half. Avoid cargo and super tight shorts too.

6. Swimsuit & Bikini Tips for Pear Figures:

Choosing the perfect bikini is actually an easy task once you know the areas of your body to draw attention to or away from.

  • Beach or pool bikinis shouldn’t be too garish. Detailing should be above the waist. For two pieces, keep the bottom uni-color and simple. If it’s a skirt bottom, you can have a design that compliments your skin tone on it.
  • Halter neck tankini tops are also ideal, as they give you a fabulous cleavage and help broaden the shoulders and maximize the bust. Dark patterned one pieces with a design down the middle narrows your figure, giving you a slimming appearance. Swimsuits with side cutouts will also do.

7. Garment Tips for Pears:

Your undergarments should make your breasts look bigger and minimize your hips. Don’t forget that your inner-wear determines how you feel too!

  • Go for Wonder bras! They make your breasts fuller and help balance out your middle area.
  • Shape wear is good for the bottom and hip area. You can wear it with side pales and extra support at the back.

8. Great Shoe Tips for Women with Pear Shaped Body:

  • Wear round-toed shoes with pants that reach the ground. Pointy-toed shoes go along with pants with wide hems as they elongate your legs and make them look slimmer.
  • Heels go along with almost anything but you shouldn’t wear them every time. Go for longer and wider pants if you have a very curvy bottom, but wear a higher heel with it to balance out your silhouette.
  • For boots, go for long ones as they amplify your slim ankle. Don’t wear them with ankle straps though. Wearing them with skirts or dresses in cool weathers flatters your leg a lot. Sandals with straps below the ankle are okay too.

9. Accessories & Hairstyle Ideas for Pear Shaped:

  • You can add flavor to your upper half by wearing scarves, earrings, necklaces, and hair clips, but don’t wear everything at the same time!
  • Belts are good for loose fitting clothes but don’t wear wide ones, thin belts are okay. If you have thin hair, style it to make it fuller so that it goes with your body shape.

10. How to Choose Your Dress, if Pear Shaped:

  • Slightly nipped at the waist: Make the most of your slender waistline. Go for dresses that taper gently at the waist and flare out a little bit over the hip and thighs. Dresses with softly fitted waistlines, like Scarlett Johansson’s, are great. They draw attention to your curves and give you a sexy hourglass shape.
  • Trapeze or empire cut: Empire-cut waist gowns with a fitted bodice accentuate your petite waist and draw attention away from your problem areas.
  • Shirt dress: Structured shirt dresses with sleeves downplay bulges and flatter your body type. Try ones with stiffer fabrics, like khaki, instead of the flimsy ones which usually cause trouble for heavy bottoms.
  • Widening neckline and sleeves: Boat neck and billowing sleeves frock are okay as they make your upper half look broader. Strapless, off-the-shoulder, square or cowl-neck necklines and long sleeves or cap and puff sleeves are also great.
  • Wedding dress ideas: 
    • Waist gowns are ideal. Go for a jewel-encrusted waistline if you want a glamorous gown. You can opt for a minimalist sash if you want to look more understated. A-line silhouettes are fantastic too as they float gently over the hips and thighs without emphasizing it.
    • Ball gowns or ‘princess’ type of dresses imperfect. They hug your upper half and cascade down beautifully. However, ensure the waist band is high and watch out for styles that terminate around the lower tummy.
    • Empire Line: For Pear shaped brides, the perfect dress is one that accentuates the tiny waist and slender upper body. It should cinch in under the bust and skim over the tummy, hips and bum.
    • Detailed Top: Choose a dress with a detailed top to draw attention to your upper half. You can add a little sparkle or embellishment like a cape on the bodice.

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