How to Accessorise a Silver Dress


What shoes and jewelry to wear with silver dressHow to style a silver dress?

Nothing screams party like a little silver dress! Silver is all about the glitz and glamour of a night out on the town and can be worn in any number of tones, styles and lengths. Usually worn for parties or special occasions such as New Year’s Eve, a silver dress is perfect for turning heads, especially in a bright, bold and brilliant way. Whether you go for a strapless, open back or one shoulder style, a silver dress is a perfect choice for a remarkable party number. While the dress alone is a head-turner because of its striking colour, it’s important to accessorise the dress with the perfect shoes, bag, and jewellery. Because the dress has a sparkle and sheen in itself, accessories, bags and shoes can be understated and elegant – you don’t want to be wearing too much silver and risk looking like a disco ball. Always select accessories and shoes that highlight the style and gorgeousness of the dress and its wearer – not the other way round. Let’s find out how to accessorize a silver dress:

What color jewellery and accessories to wear with a silver dress?

1. When it comes to choosing accessories, mainly jewellery for your silver dress, it is important to remember to avoid jewellery that is too heavy or shiny. Whether you are wearing a long or short, bright or opaque silver dress, jewellery should be kept simple and to a minimum.

2. Dress with long sleeves only needs a simple pair of earrings and perhaps a lovely ring to complement the dress. If the dress has a plunging neckline, then a drop or chandelier necklace could work, but remember the rule of thumb: signature earrings – small or no necklace, signature necklace – small or no earrings.

3. Regarding the style of jewellery, go for something straightforward and beautiful in silver, diamonds or diamante, such as a plain silver bracelet or delicate tennis bracelet. Small, drop earrings or diamond studs look great with a long dress while longer drop earrings would work with a short strapless silver dress.

Expert tip! Always remember the rule of thumb when it comes to choosing jewellery for your outfit: simple and small is elegant, refined and makes a statement without saying a word. Leave chunky and bright for shopping days or dress ups!

What color shoes to pair with a silver dress?

1. When it comes to selecting a pair of shoes for your outfit, it is vital to remember that your shoes will need to be understated. The colour of the dress will be the showstopper so your shoes can be straightforward and elegant. Whether the dress is silver sequins or a sultry silver-grey, your shoes should always complement the colour of the dress.

2. A stunning soft silver strappy heel works well with any length dress and adds a touch of glitz and glamour to the outfit. Avoid wearing closed shoes in a dark colour as these can look quite heavy with any type of silver dress, particularly if it is short, so a simple, strappy sandal is a better choice.

Expert tip! Beautiful shoes call for sexy toes – treat yourself to a pedicure to ensure you have tip-top looking toes and feet – especially in strappy heels or sandals.

What bag to pair with a silver dress?

1. Another essential accessory for any outfit is your bag. You will want to carry your keys, money and makeup in something for the occasion, but want to keep it small and simple. Leave bulky bags for shopping and beach days – evenings and special occasions call for delicate clutch bags or small sling bags.

2. Don’t match your bag with the exact colour of the dress- choose in one in a slightly darker or lighter shade to complement the dress and not let it get lost against the colour. If you prefer something in a different shade, black is always a safe bet – it’s stylish, elegant and works with every colour and style.

3. Another idea is to match your bag with your shoes. If you are wearing pale silver strappy sandals, choose a light silver clutch bag with a slight sparkle to add a touch of glamour. The best types of bags for special events are handheld bags –a bag that is worn over the shoulder or with a strap will detract attention from the dress, which needs to be the primary focus!

Other accessories to match with silver dress

While a gorgeous silver dress doesn’t need much help to turn heads, accessories are essential as they can add that extra touch of style. If the weather is cool and you need to wear a jacket or coat over the dress, go for a full-length coat or throw a black pashmina over your shoulders.